Recipe File

Way back when, I had a paper notebook that I used to write all my recipes down in. At one point I thought for sure I had lost it, but no! my lovely sister found it while we were pawing through boxes in my storage lockers.

Nevertheless, I had started this file several years ago on old wiki, and brought them over here in Jekyll and Bootstrap to update them and add to them.


To try.

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Wasabinero Chili

“What happens when you have a Japanese friend that likes chili? You make him wasabi chili.”

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Bacon-Wrapped Dates stuffed with Manchego

A friend introduced me to these, and they are spectacular as you might imagine.

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Red Potato Salad

Another bog-standard potato salad recipe using skin-on red potatoes for a large group.

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Sweet and White Potato Salad

Using sweet and white potatoes, this salad is a bit of a surprise, but very enjoyable.

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Rhubarb Salsa

My cousin found this in the StarTrib and rushed off to the library to copy it down since they don’t subscribe. It was a really beautiful accompaniment to the salmon he grilled up for lunch.

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